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1967 MGB For Sale

It's in perfect running condition, driven daily. Oil pressure is 40 idling, 60 cruising, which shows the engine is solid and tight. Water temp sits at 160, also exactly according to spec.
The odometer is at 97,000 miles

Work Done:
- I installed a 4-speed full-syncro overdrive gearbox last year (and installed a new clutch at the same time)
- a new stainless steel exhaust from Victoria British, rear brakes, fuel pump, distributor and coil, new oil pressure/temp gauge, and recently rebuilt carbs by Rob Heywood at Heywood Motors, Vancouver

Other Features:
- a zippered tonneau
- Shelby modified rear end (bumperettes)
- oil cooler, roll ball, wooden rally wheel, wooden shifter knob

History: Four previous owners including a head mechanic from British Classic in Burnaby

Repair history available

Preferred method of contact is via text message to 604.441.9978

The car is insured, was driven daily, and has no issues. And it's available any day for a test drive


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