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The Powley Prowl 2015

  • Saturday, July 11, 2015
  • 10:00
  • Confederation Park to Rolley Lake

Hello Fellow Classic Car Enthusiasts;

In celebrating our love of the 'Classic Car', and our esteem for our friend Mike Powley, I now have the final details for our drive on Saturday, July 11.

This drive is our way of celebrating British Columbia's "Classic Car Appreciation Day".

We will met at Confederation Park in North Burnaby, located on Beta Ave.,( 2 of blocks East of Willingdon Ave. and a couple of blocks North off Hastings St.) at 10:00 AM for a departure of 10:30. For anyone requiring a coffee or 'potty stop', there is an A&W on Alpha Ave and Hastings, (a block East of Willingdon) or a Mcdonald's on the corner of Gamma, (3 blocks East of Willingdon on Hastings)

The drive is about 1hour and 15 minutes or so, east to Rolley Lake Provincial Campground, the picnic area. This area is roughly North of Mission.


Please pass this along to any of your fellow 'car people', regardless of car type, who would like to go for a drive with "Fellow Classic Car Enthusiasts". As we will have a picnic lunch, bring your lunch and a chair as there are some picnic tables but probably not enough for all of us. Looking forward to a day, 'Well Wasted' on a drive with friends, Ric MacDonald


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